Why I became a photographer
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
By Heather Blackston Photography
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Why I became a Photographer...


In life, sometimes people have no idea what they want to be when they grow up. Even when they grow up, they don't know want they want to be...

That wasn't the case for me. I desperately wanted to become a nurse for as long as I can remember. And so I did. It was such an incredible experience knowing that I finished college at the age 20, and I was a nurse. Yes, 20 years old and I was saving lives. Talk about incredible. I am able to teach my patients when they received a new diagnosis or a new medication to help ease their concerns and/or fears. I am able to hold their hand and sit at their bedside with them as they took their last breath. I am able to encourage new outlooks on life when the grim reality was given to them. I am able to perform ACLS and resuscitate people. I love all of that, then and now. I LOVE being a nurse. 


But, why did I become a photographer.....


The answer to that leads us all the way back to my childhood. You see, my dad passed away tragically at very young age and I was also very young when he passed. Roughly, 18 months old. I have no recollection of him. At all. And, more than that, I only have 1 photograph of him. I don't know his side of the family, but my side says that no one has any photographs... So, I have just one photograph to know him by...

Just one.

Not a photograph of him holding me as a baby. Not a photograph of him tucking me in. Not a photograph of him kissing me on the cheek. No...  I have one photograph of him... from jail. And, I am soooooo blessed to have at least that!

I don't get to know if I looked like him when I was a baby. I don't get to see a picture of him holding his only daughter. I don't get to know if my children look like him when he was a baby. I don't get the opportunity to see, I get to wonder.  I get 1 photograph of him to look at and wonder all sorts of things. Like, do I look like him? What would it have been like, if he were here? Watching me graduate and become a nurse? Seeing my children running and playing? What would it have felt like for him to walk me down the aisle to my husband, to have a father/daughter dance, to have someone to call Dad....


That one photograph that shows him from his waist up, is what drives me to become THE best photographer I can be! PERIOD.


I don't want another person to go through what I go through. To imagine, to wonder. I want my clients to have images that will stand the test of time and give them an experience making those memories so they can hang those memories on a wall, place it above a fireplace, or bedside table. I want those memories placed in a purse, a wallet, so when you run into someone you haven't seen in what seems like forever, you can pull out those pictures and get all caught up.


And mostly, I want my brides to have what I didn't have. I want my brides to have beautiful photographs of their wedding as they are walking down the aisle, as they are dancing with their future, and as they are sharing that special moment with their dad. I want them to be able to hold on to those memories they are making because one day, only memories are left. And how better to remember loved ones than through photographs.


Let me give you an experience making memories, together. Cherish all of those memories, for one day, that's all that's left...


And folks, that's why I became a photographer.

And, LOVING every minute of it!



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