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Friday, December 02, 2016
By Heather Blackston Photography
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If you are here, that means you've found my new website that I've been working hard on all week! It's such a huge accomplishment to GO LIVE today and what better way than to #blog about it! :)




First though, I have to give a HUGE shout out to the wonderful staff @PhotoBiz, Sarah S specifically... What a company this is folks! Their support has been amazing and I have talked to Sarah countless hours over the last week! I would totally give her a big hug if I could, but I guess a cyber #shoutout will have to suffice! THANKS SARAH! You've been amazing! :)  Also, thank you to the amazing, @JennLewisPhotogaphy for the recommendation for PhotoBiz and your knowledge as well!


So, now that the website is complete, I would LOVE to share some news with you all! As most of you know, we are in the process of moving to Pickerington, OH! Lima folks, don't worry! I will still be servicing the Lima and surrounding areas! What a journey this has been! I reflect back over the last year and I never thought I would be moving! We LOVE our home, LOVE our jobs we had here, LOVE our neighbors, and LOVE our community in which we were fortunate to start our family! It's haaaaaard to say good-bye to those who have LOVED us and supported us through all of this! At the end of the day though, we both decided this was a chance that we couldn't say no to and not have regret and wonder about all of the "what-if's."  So, we are moving to the #SoutheastColumbus area.. Pickerington, specifically! But, don't you worry, it's never good-bye! I am honored and humbled by what the Lima community and beyond has given me! It has given me the opportunity to bring to life a business that I was once too afraid to start! (And I just talked about regrets, haha!) 

I'm so thankful for what God has blessed me with and the people he has brought into my life! One of those people being, Heather Leining! I seriously can't say enough great things about this gal! She is awesome, simply put! We were once business partners and I have learned so much from her and I only hope to aspire to be half the photographer she is! This can totally be such a "cut-throat" industry and when she asked me to join her at Xpressions, I just couldn't believe it! She saw something in me that I didn't quite see in myself and for that, I will forever be grateful! At this point, she has decided to grow her family and just welcomed another son, and boy is he cute! Therefore, we have parted ways so she can focus on family and I can continue to pursue my passion with weddings. It's strange, really, how things work out in the end. This opportunity came along about us moving and I wanted to hear nothing of it. I committed to Xpressions and Heather and when I make a commitment, I stick with it! But, what I didn't know was, she also came into an opportunity of a lifetime. And, when she talked to me about it, of course there were tears... tears of happiness, tears of sadness, and hopeful tears as well! You see, she also is a very committed person, and hated that she also wanted to take on an opportunity knowing that we would seperate as businesses. But, she will always and forever be someone that I LOVE dearly and look up to immensely!


So, where does that leave Heather Blackston Photography?!? Well, moving on and doing what I LOVE with aboslute gratitude in my heart! Being your wedding photographer, both in the Lima and surrounding areas and now, the Columbus and surrounding areas! I am looking very much to the bridal shows coming up in January and having another successful wedding season! I look forward to meeting clients and just doing what I LOVE! 5 years of doing what I LOVE most and it still feels like year number 1... I LOVE it today like I LOVED it then!


I also wanted to thank my amazing husband, David. He is absolutely my rock and my biggest fan! He helps me with whatever I ask him to do and without hesitation. It takes a lot to support a growing photography business because Lord knows, "it aint cheap!" But, whatever I need, he always finds a way. I can't thank him enough for his LOVE and support! Love you, babycakes ;)  Haha, don't you just LOVE his nickname?!


Also, to my children, Caitlin and Conner! I LOVE you more than words can ever describe! You are both absolutely the air I breathe! I want you to know that dreams can be achieved with passion, dedication, perseverance, and hard work!  Reach for the stars, my LOVES! Nothing is impossible! I'm so glad that God chose my to by your mommy and I will forever be grateful to Him for that! I LOVE you both, so much!

So, if you're in the Pickerington area, I would love to meet up and chat! I LOVE getting to know new people and hanging out! Let's chat! :)


With LOVE always,

Heather Blackston

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Heather Blackston - Thanks so much, Jenn!! ☺️
Jenn Lewis - The site looks fantastic! I knew you'd love Photobiz! They're amazing to work with! Best of luck in your move!
Heather Blackston - Thanks so much, Heather!
I meant every word I said..
you are one of the most influential people in my life and I am so thankful for you! ☺️
Heather Blackston - You guys rock!! ☺️
Heather Liening - Your too sweet! Thank you so much for the kind words! I truly enjoyed working with you and getting to know you and your family Everything happens for a reason! So as hard as it was to go in different directions I want you to know that I wish you nothing but the best! You will do awesome! I look forward to watching your business grow and am always here if you need anything. Best of luck in Columbus girl!
Sarah - So glad that I could help, and thank you for the kind words! The site is looking awesome :) Myself and the rest of Photobiz are proud to be working with you!
Heather Blackston - Awwww! Karen! That was so sweet of you! Thank you! :)
If I have one thing to say it would be, "right back at ya, girl!"
It's great to know such wonderful people who have always had you're back! I'm equally happy God crossed our paths! :)
Karen Perrine - Heather I am so happy for you and your family. You are so deserving of all of this. You're an amazing nurse,mom,spouse,and friend!! I'm glad God put you in my life
Heather Blackston - Thank you, Jenny! I'm so excited about all of the new changes! Definitely very mixed emotions for sure!
And, you're right, its not Florida but it is 2 hours closer!! ;)
Can't wait to see your smiling face again and give you and you family big ole hugs!!! Miss you all and love you all to pieces!! :)
Jen Lentz - Heather, I am so happy for you! Change can be hard but you are so strong and determined. You have such a passion for what you do, I love looking at your photos! Columbus is not quite Florida but at least it's in the right direction!